2019 Jacobs Design Winter Showcase

We presented a working prototype of our plant growth chamber to the public at the 2019 Jacobs Winter Design Showcase at UC Berkeley. We were very excited to communicate our design to others, and were very humbled to view other groundbreaking exhibits during the showcase. We were grateful for the opportunity to meet other student makers and engage in educational and thought-provoking dialogue. This design showcase has been a great success for everyone and we hope to participate in more events like this in the future.

Spring 2020 Calapalooza

In Spring 2020, we participated in Calapalooza, UC Berkeley's biannual student activities fair. Through a day of busy tabling, we were able to introduce prospective applicants to our organization. Since we opened new projects (Open-Source CNC Farming and Energy-Efficient Hydroponics), many new members are needed. Calapalooza was overall a wonderful opportunity for our recruitment process, and we are excited to welcome new members to the organization!